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I have seen Cannibal Corpse 4 times!

2016-11-02 02:42:36 by DeathMetalGod


Yes. I saw them 4 times!  I already explained my first time seeing them for the first time in my previous post.  Read that if you wanna know about my first time seeing CC.  Alright, here's one picture from the 2nd time I saw them.  This was in Poughkeepsie, NY at The Chance in October 2015.  Why is this photo horrible?  I sadly lost my camera in the mosh pit.  I believe it got stepped on or it got stolen.  I will never know for sure.  I guess you got take a chance when you're at The Chance. 

Anyway, they played songs from just about of all their albums (except for Butchered at Birth).  I could go on and on.  What about the other bands?  I thought Cattle Decap was not that impressive.  I was bummed out, because I wanted to see 'em live so badly.  Soreption was totally cool and I met their vocalist.  He's a cool guy and I had a cool conversation with him after he performed.  I even bought a Soreption logo shirt off him!  Sadly, I missed Necroptic Engorgement.




This from the 3rd time I saw them.  This was an awesome show.  I had the opportunity to see them for the 3rd time AND I saw another one of my favorite bands there as well.  Yup, Obituary!  Obituary is one of my favorite bands of all-time and it ruled that CC and Obituary co-headlined.  This was taken in February 2016 at the Irving Plaza in NYC.  I saw Cryptopsy too, but I missed Abysmal Dawn.  I crowd surfed for the first time ever when CC performed The Time to Kill is Now.  That was an unbelievably incredible show.




As you may have guessed, this is a picture from the 4th time I saw them.  This was taken on July 29, 2016 at The Chance.  They headlined the Summer Slaughter fest.  I was originally supposed to see CC back in 2012 during the Summer Slaughter fest, but no one was able to give me a ride.  It was the Irving Plaza in 2012.  They co-headlined with the awful Between the Buried and Me (sorry if you like that band, but they're not impressive to me).  At this show, I lost my glasses in the pit (worse than losing my camera!).  I have decided that... hmmm maybe I'll have to take my chances seeing CC at The Chance.  I hope if they do perform one show in NYC and another show at The Chance when they tour again.  I'll be better off going to the NYC show.


Well there you have it!  My stories about the times I saw CC!  If you wanna know more, feel free to comment and/or send me a PM!


Yes, I finally got to see Cannibal Corpse live exactly a month ago.  It was at Webster Hall in New York City.  I was having too much fun to take any pictures, but I was happy to get at least a couple of good ones.  There's one of two that came out nicely.  Cannibal Corpse is my favorite band of all-time and it took me years to see them live.  I'll tell ya my story. 

I won tickets from my local rock radio station years ago to see Hatebreed & Cannibal Corpse at BB King's in NYC.  Unfortunately, it was during the winter time and there was a lot of snow.  Plus I tried to get rides from friends to go to it and I sadly could not go.  In 2012, I bought tickets to see 'em at a festival at the Irving Plaza.  One of my friends told me we'd go, but then he tries to buy a ticket at the last minute... they were sold out and we didn't end up going.  I still have that ticket I printed out.

In 2014, I bought a VIP package the day it was available.  Later on, I bought a ticket for a friend to go and it worked.  I got a ride from my friend and then he gave the ticket to one of his friends.  He didn't want to go, since he's seen CC many times.  It was ultra nice of him to give me and his friend a ride to the show.  I went to the show and I had an awesome time.  They played a good amount of stuff off their new album A Skeletal Domain.

I went into the mosh pit while they were performing their most famous song Hammer Smashed Face.  It was the most intense and awesome pit I've ever been in it really really made me tired.  Then Behemoth went on last, which I thought was strange.  I figured CC was going to end the show.  I am going to see CC again the next time they're peforming in New York or New Jersey.

Why didn't I post on 11/11/11?!

2015-03-27 14:37:23 by DeathMetalGod

I was going through some old posts of mine.  Geez, I posted something on 10/11/11... not on 11/11/11?!  I have songs in my iTunes library and I played a few on 11/11/11 and I will not listen to 'em.  I will only listen to 'em on another application that plays sounds or listen to 'em on my iPod.  11/11/11 was a pretty cool day.  Hopefully I live long enough to the next century.  I'll be able to post news on 01/01/2101, 02/02/2102... yeah you get the idea.

I'm (kind of) done recording audio on NG!

2015-03-03 22:54:53 by DeathMetalGod

Did you notice I don't upload audio anymore?  I would like to announce that I'm somewhat done recording audio for Newgrounds.  It was a blast recording songs for this wonderful website during the early 2010's!  I needed to do something to get my mind off a really horrific situation (I will NOT go into detail about this, please PM me if you wanna know... I might tell you... I probably won't though) that occured on June 3, 2010.  FYI, I always try to do something cool & positive on the 3rd of June, like I started my brand new account on that day in 2013 and I went to a cool block party on the date in 2011. 

Thank you for the support!  I'm not going to upload any more songs any time soon.  I hope to record more songs in the future.

NFL Super Bowl XLIX

2015-02-01 16:00:37 by DeathMetalGod

Today is the 49th Super Bowl.  That's cool and I'm gonna be watching it with my family.  I'm gonna have a sandwich and some wings.  I'm not a football fan, but I'll watch the Super Bowl.  Next year it'll be the 50th Super Bowl and then the one in 2017 will mark 50 years of the Super Bowl.  Geez, time is going by fast.

My first post in 2015

2015-01-02 20:43:02 by DeathMetalGod

Happy new year y'all!  I hope 2015 will be an awesome and prosperous year for all of you.  2014 was a good year for me, but I hope 2015 will be better.  I'm pretty sure you'll at least have a good year.

Thanksgiving 2014

2014-11-28 01:42:19 by DeathMetalGod

My Thanksgiving went well.  I had Thanksgiving at my aunt & uncle's house in NJ.  It was great.  I tried Sierra Nevada for the first time and I enjoyed it.  I figured I wouldn't like it.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened.  I hope all Americans who observe Thanksgiving on this site had a wonderful one.

I got Sonic Boom issue #1

2014-11-05 18:45:08 by DeathMetalGod

Yup, I went to Toy Wiz (the only physical location in the world) and I bought Sonic Boom issue #1!  Maybe it'll be worth something one day.

Six years on NG!

2014-11-02 17:56:03 by DeathMetalGod

I have been on here for six years.  I have come a long way on this site.  NG is definitely one of the greatest websites of all-time.

For me, 2014 has been good.  I will say that it has been going good for me.  However, it has been quite uneventful for me.  It has a been a cool low-key year for me.  2012 and 2013 for me were not so great.  Especially 2012.  Perhaps I'll elaborate on that in a future posting.  2014 is good!  I hope 2014 for all of you is good and if not, I know things will get better for you.